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Merge, validate and transform your information
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The Key Attributes of Axion Spark Freedom


Simplicity at your fingertips, no more burning the midnight oil to get the information you need.


You are in control. Define what you want, when and how you want to extract, validation and transform.


Schedule and automate, when to pull and transform data, placing the information at your fingertips.


Run Freedom again and again incrementally, importing any updates to your data.

Instantly accessible data Axion Spark Freedom empowers you...
...your information works for you, not the other way around!


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  • Describe your data sources once, then share the data between multiple projects. Once it is defined, it can be reused again and again.


    Identify and define your data only once

  • Data can be pulled in from individual Excel files, entire folder structures, websites or FTP feeds, whether it is in Excel, CSV or JSON format.


    Extract data from anywhere

  • Define update schedules so data is automatically refreshed whenever it fits your requirements, or perform ad hoc refreshes if needed


    Automate the update of your data

  • Create validation rules to ensure your data is accurate and transform your data into more meaningful information. This can include directory, file and worksheet names to add additional value.


    Transform into validated datasets

  • Define key information and combine data sources to pivot and transform your data into a holistic view.


    Connect disparate datasets

  • Push your data into a new, or existing Excel document, this can be an existing report and set of charts that displays the summary of your data analysis, or to CSV for use in other internal systems, or to JSON for use on the web or intranet.


    Export in the format you desire


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Freedom Beta Program

For a limited time only, you can register for the Freedom program and get free access to the Freedom application (beta version) as soon as it is available.

You will also qualify for a MASSIVE 30% DISCOUNT on the full application if you purchase the full product within one month of the initial release.

What do we want in return? Feedback. That's it.

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Almost all businesses store key business information in Excel with little validation on what is in there and it can soon become a sprawling, tangled mess of files.

You need a way to pull this data from a wide range of different Excel files, without massive amounts of manual work.

This is exactly what Freedom is designed to do.

Freedom allows you to continue working as normal, using the same files that you do now.

It works alongside your existing data processes, complementing and adding to the way you work.

Unlike many other systems, Freedom does not force you to migrate all your data and users to a new system.

Freedom gives you complete control what data you pull in and how.

You define any validation needed, transformations and how each dataset is linked.

You decide how you want resurface that data.

Freedom is completely none destructive, it leaves all your original data intact.

It caches a copy of any files that it needs to read, so there are never any multi user/file locking issues.

Freedom also provides a historic view of your data.

Freedom is can pull individual files, or do deep dives into your file structure.

It can pull data from local disk or network share.

Or download data from your website or FTP feeds.

Regular analysis and reporting requires frequent updates from all that tangled mess of spreadsheets.

Reporting no longer takes hours of manual intervention.

Freedom allows you to extract the data iteratively, on a schedule and push the data into an existing template Excel file.

Axion Spark


Our guiding principle is to make things simpler. We make your systems work for you, not against you.

With software development experience that spans three decades and a track record of simplifying and solving business problems, we are ideally placed to transform your business.

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